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As brief as possible, I would like to share my story with you guys. I am currently attending Monroe College in New York, where I'm pursuing the dream of most athletes to play at the college level. However, this would have not been an option if it wasn't for the the hard work of Coach Phil. He devoted a lot of effort to putting together the Global Soccer Academy College ID Camp . Making sure college coaches attend and watch you perform for your future. Without this camp my soccer journey and opportunity to improve as an athlete would have been cut short. I attended this same camp last year and that is where I was fortunate enough to get picked up. I now have the opportunity everyday to wake up and do what I love most, train at a high competitive level and get my education at the same time. Not to mention I live in New York, a place many would love to just visit.  So My advice to you, do not take this opportunity for granted.  Attend, try your best, and enjoy the opportunity. Coach Phil really tries his hardest to make sure every player can move on to the next level.  Never give up, as I was picked up at the very last minute. Work hard and give it your all, best of luck.

Ana Hess

When I started soccer at the age of 5, I never knew that just 10 years later I would have a full ride to one of the most competitive Division I colleges, the University of South Florida. I came into this sport with the sole purpose of following my brother’s footsteps, nothing more, and now I couldn’t imagine a world without soccer. I have had the ability to earn my first international cap with the U20 Haitian national team, be apart of the Region III pool, and commit to my dream college. But in all honesty, my world, my soccer career, everything, would have never been made possible without the help of Coach Phil. To me he is my soccer Dad, he nurtured my soccer talent, and watched me grow from the little recreational soccer player at U9, to who I am now. I grew up with Coach phil, from the countless training sessions, numerous wins, small losses, and everything in between. He not only saw potential in me, but he pushed me to be who I am today. This man truly has a talent, a raw gift that very few coaches possess. His ability to see the potential in every kid he encounters, is truly amazing. I love waking up every morning, knowing I will have the ability to play soccer at the Division I level, at my dream university without paying a dime! All of it is because of Coach Phil, and for that I will forever be grateful for having him walk into my life! Thank you so much Coach Phil, I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.

Your soccer daughter,